The IP cameras from Dahua can be best utilized for various indoor and also outdoor surveillance. Its ability to cover the wider range is highly acceptable to a number of long-range security applications. It has designed in a way to be adjust automatically with various image resolution settings. High megapixel cameras with quality lens make sure that the images or videos captured are clearly and also digitally accessible by the authorities. Enriched with a variety of functions, the Dahua CCTV IP Camera are definitely a certain choice that open doors to new surveillance as well.


Ultra Smart Series

This series of camera are embedded with features that allow the camera to boost the image quality of a region of interest, computing power and also bandwidth. The rotate mode helps to adjust the image view from horizontal to vertical and also vice versa.

4K Ultra HD

Ultra high definition IP camera is a brilliant choice, if you are looking out for high resolution cameras. These IP cameras are able to produce breathtaking videos that surpasses high definition resolution. The zooming capacity without losing the image quality is the highest feature that can count on.

Wi-Fi Series

his series of camera features the wireless facility that saves you a huge amount on installation and also wiring. The bidirectional audio make sure the owners to keep a check of their environment in an efficient way in real time. It has enriched with application for remote control viewing.

Lite Series

The lite series from Dahua CCTV IP Cameras comes in varied sizes and also designs. It allows for more discretion than the other range of cameras. It is easy to install and also operate.


The eco savvy series of Dahua CCTV IP Camera comes with varied sizes and also designs. It is excellent in capturing crystal clear images with good color reproduction and also render better solutions on some of the most visual factors.These cameras are the coolest choice for your surveillance needs.

Panoramic Series

These series offer the features that are capable to meets the demand of 360 degree panoramic view. The high profile video compression with a high ratio and also bit rate control allows the camera to deliver the video signals with less network bandwidth.