Best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai

CCTV Camera Installation offers security and surveillance solutions for individuals, homeowners,  as well as corporate companies to watch criminal activities.

What makes us special for your security need? You can choose us to get the solutions you desired. Superior workmanship, detailed planning and flawless installation made us a pioneer in the field of CCTV installation in Dubai. Partnered with the comprehensive lineup of branded products, we have solution for all types of businesses, government organizations, corporates, homes and much more.

A no compromise on quality approach we are the Best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai ensures that our solutions are more robust, user-friendly, and last for years and years running. All our technicians have the necessary experience in this sector for excellent work outcomes. CCTV systems installed by us operate without any problems and are sure to grant you the security that you look for.

Best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai

With advanced technology, excellent customer service and a wide range of brands, CCTV Camera installation is one of the Best CCTV installation companies in Dubai. It offers customized solutions with 24-hour monitoring capacity. The company has also installed CCTV Camera systems in Home, Office, Shops, hotels, corporate headquarters, universities and colleges, as well as private premises.

CCTV Cameras In Dubai To Control Crime And Burgling To Some Level
According to the recent survey and available record, Dubai has reached position number #1 for the installation of CCTVs at almost every road and main point in marketplaces, residential areas, and even at different other places. The installation of cameras in a large quantity will be helpful to control crime to a great level. With Government’s step towards safety and security, people are also moving a step forward to secure their spaces and homes or commercial places. They also look for CCTV camera in Dubai that is advanced and can provide a clear view even in night and dark mode too.

Choose the Latest Models of CCTV Cameras in Dubai

Choosing the right type of CCTV camera in UAE is one of the essential decisions to make. It also depends on your premises and the number of cameras you need.

CCTV Camera Installation Offers the Best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai

Among some of the top companies from where you can get the best range of CCTV cameras in Dubai, you will find the name of CCTV Camera Installation comes on the top. A team of dedicated professionals has been working here, who listen to your requirement and provide you with the right solutions in real-time manner.


The IP surveillance system we the best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai provides the highest quality images available today. IP CCTV systems have many benefits and functionalities that can only be achieved by digital technology. With high image quality, including HD and now 4K, crystal clear images are captured with true colour representation, making them ideal for seeing true events as they happen or in playback.


CCTV Solutions provides 24/7 Remote CCTV Monitoring of systems nationwide from our state-of-the-art operations center in the city of Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman – UAE.


CCTV Camera Installation we the best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai design and install permanent or temporary security systems to protect any site regardless of the specifics. From utilizing CCTV analytical or PIR Detection technology, Mobile CCTV Towers or Wireless Security systems should the site not have power or any internet connection? Benefits are no or minimum initial install cost with and affordable weekly rental packages.

Specialists in CCTV installation

CCTV Camera Installation we the best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai specialize in designing and installing CCTV surveillance systems to suit our growing client base throughout the UAE. We take care of everything for your peace of mind from initial site survey, design, install and maintenance of your CCTV system. We only install the latest, highest quality technology so you can be sure you are receiving the best protection available. We carefully design bespoke systems to meet the specification required all within the client’s budget.

The images from our systems are crystal clear with excellent user friendly interfaces and mobile apps to ensure you can monitor your home, business or both anywhere in the world.

Our engineers are highly qualified with years worth of experience and very professional in their approach. Our team will work tirelessly with you and/or your operation to meet you security or health and safety needs and ensure you are getting value for money for every penny spent.

Digital CCTV Systems

All DVRs (digital video recorders) and NVRs (network video recorders) in our CCTV installations are user-friendly, compatible with certified remote CCTV monitoring, and can record up to 30 days’ footage with the ability to archive selected events.

Our qualified engineers are very experienced, providing a guaranteed high standard of workmanship.

All services follow a strict code of practice and sign-off procedures. All work will be inspected by both parties and signed off on completion by the client this verifying a satisfactory CCTV installation.

Find the right type of cameras that are advanced, go through the technical specifications and features and place your order accordingly. A complete guide is provided to you that will be a plus point.

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